Spheres: Magic, Knowledge, the Arcane.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

Gender: Male.

Symbols: A twelve points star enclosed in a crescent moon, and a circle of runes.

Colors: Sapphire blue, violet and silvery grey.

Avatar: There is no telling what form the great King of Wizards may take, for he can take all shapes and sizes with the skill of the greatest illusionists, matching even the powers of the spheres of Daidlin and Valdriel. His most commonly embraced form is the one of the great Wizard King, old with a great silver beard, crowned in gold and sapphire and dressed in royal blue robes; this is the form that the common Entarian peasant associates Xanthe With; however, many a Sage consider it rather dim-witted. As for the great Wizards, Sorcerers, Sages and Scholars who serve Xanthe, they believe him to take on the shape of a great dragon king of ocean blue scales, horns of ivory and dressed in golden armour and blue silk. A few believe him to take on the form of a child on occasion; others believe him to look like a woman. In the end, there is no telling.

Persona: The Mage-God Xanthe is believed to be by many a peasant the most aloof of the gods in the Pantheon. As of this day and throughout the whole of not only Entar but Eldanar’s history there has not been even a single account that records the ascension of an avatar loyal to Xanthe, and his priesthood is virtually nonexistent to the eyes of the people of Entar. No prayers are said to exist that can call on his favours, and there are no records of any blessing or miracle from his part ever taking place. For these reasons the common men believe him to be a distant and uncaring god. There is, however, more to Xanthe than it meets the eye.

Xanthe, much like Hirin, is a guardian god; he’s guardian of the power of the Arcane, the magic that flows in and out of Entar and Eldanar from the Grand Arcanum, the source of all magical forces that exist, and as such, he is not the kind of god to grant favours or blessings, although he does on occasion but in much subtler ways than the rest of the deities. He is, however, an implacable judge, empowered with omniscience and wisdom beyond all mortals’ reach.


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