Sphere: Battle, Skill-at-Arms, Luck

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Gender: Male

Symbols: Rubies, a bloody axe, a red dragon

Color: Blood red and black

Avatar: Talos is always depicted as a hybrid of some sort. He is shown as a katta, a dracon, a half-orc, or (more commonly in the north) a half-elf. The mixed ancestry of his avatar is supposed to represent the dual nature of Talos- his savagery and salvation unified. Beyond that, he is usually shown holding a bloody axe in one hand, and a ruby in the other. This represents the dual nature of war, its ability to destroy (with the axe) but also reward, cleanse and glorify (the ruby). He is usually depicted fighting, running, or engaging in some other physically demanding activity.

Persona: Talos is an odd, highly unpredictable god. He is the horror of war, the glory of triumph and the thrill of battle synthesized. He is free and random with his blessings, granting a warrior victory one day, and defeat and death the next.

It is not that Talos is uncaring, exactly. It is simply that he is incapable of understanding man’s fear of death. Talos, and by extension, his followers, consider Entar to be transitory, chaotic, impermanent, and in the grand scheme of things, generally inconsequential. Rather than despair over this fact, however, Talos encourages his followers to throw themselves into the midst of maelstrom, as it were. The only life worth living, according to Talos, is a short one full of risk, pleasure and adventure. Faith in Talos, therefore, requires a sort of happy nihilism… a general lack of common sense, if not outright insanity, seems to help, too.


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