Sphere: Love, Beauty, Passion

Gender: Female

Symbols: A dove in flight, and falling rose petals.

Colours: A light pink and deep, crimson red.

Avatar: Selune is generally depicted as a stunningly beautiful female, though her race varies greatly depending upon who is worshiping her. Most of the time, however, it is in the form of a high elf. She has ringlets of cascading and luxurious red hair dropping to her waist, held back with a crimson ribbon in her hair. Clothed in flowing robes of light pink and red, she is almost always depicted as having a calm expression on her face, with arms outstretched towards the viewers. However, there are many depictions in which she holds a mischievous, even vengeful look. She is almost never holding a weapon, and if she does, it’s a long, bladed spear, and this is usually accompanied by the more vengeful picture of Selune, one depicting something like a scorned lover.

Persona: Selune is a very popular goddess in Entar’s pantheon, but also fairly controversial. Anyone wanting to enter into a long term marriage would contact one of Selune’s priests or priestesses to perform the service, but there are rumours of more extreme ‘pagan’ worshipers. However, despite this, Selune is worshiped by artists and sculptors as well, due to her love of beauty. These artists also worship Daidlin, due to his direct patronage of art.

Selune is supposedly a kind goddess, a lover of romance and art, but she is often seen as vain, an idol that none could ever possibly compare too. Despite this, her priesthood often sets out on missions to ‘beautify’ the area around their temples, and many gardens in major cities are funded entirely by her priests. Also, in a weird support of her love of romance, many temples offer a matchmaking service that is very popular across Entar.


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