Spheres: Evil, Shadow, Control (formerly Death)

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Gender: Male

Symbols: A black dagger pointing downward, a black, balanced scale, an eclipsed sun

Colors: Jet black

Avatar: After the Dark One’s undoing, many temples to Maedhros were destroyed, along with the relics they contained. Also, it should be noted that Maedhros’ faithful have been traditionally leery of portraying their shadowy, unseen lord in art or icon. As a result, very few images of Maedhros exist today. Those that remain are incredibly incongruent. Sometimes he’s depicted as a beautiful, dark elven lord. Sometimes he’s an ethereal, vaguely humanoid figure. Sometimes he’s just a pair of glimmering eyes, adrift in a sea of black… the only common aspect of Maedhros, it seems, is his connection to darkness and shadow, and his mysterious and unsettling aura.

Persona: Maedhros is a very ambitious god, an all-powerful creature of shadow with a “might makes right” philosophy tempered with a calculating intellect. Maedhros was at the height of his power during an event known as The Sundering, where he commanded a massive army of darkness and challenged the good gods for dominion over Entar. Entar was torn asunder during the conflict, and the mortal races were almost wiped from existence.

Prior to The Sundering, Maedhros had been the God of Death. He was more aggressive than his passive usurper, Hirin, but he was still feared and respected by mortals, and honored like any other god. But Maedhros was not satisfied, and in an ambitious attempt to take over the realm of the gods, he unbalanced the forces of good and evil and waged war against Aldaron.


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