Sphere: Nature, Water, Life

Alignment: True Neutral

Gender: Female

Symbols: A wooden staff with ivy swirling around it, a cresting wave, an oak tree, a leaf

Color: Earthy brown and forest green

Avatar: Livana is invariably portrayed as an elven female, usually a wood elf. She is beautiful but refined, and her twig-and-leaf riddled clothing grants her an otherworldly, somewhat nymph-like appearance. Sometimes she is depicted as a much older woman, not unlike Faelyn, to enhance her wisdom and her role as Mother of the Wilds. Occasionally she’s depicted as a supernatural creature, such as an elven woman roots in place of legs. Near the coastline, she’s associated more strongly with the ocean than the forests. In these areas, she is known as the Mistress of the Waves, and is often depicted against the backdrop of a massive, cresting wave.

Persona: Livana is the personification of the Land; occasionally cold and uncaring toward the trials of man, but undeniably the source of all life. She is both stoic and unpredictable, representing both the timeless mountains and the ever-shifting dunes. Prior to the Sundering, she was easily the most popular deity in existence, while others (such as Daidlin and Aldaron) were little more than footnotes in Entar’s pantheon.

The Sundering, however, seemed to have a way of equalizing all the gods; previously marginalized deities, such as Daidlin, rose to significant status, while ancient and powerful ones like Livana diminished noticeably. The Sundering shook the faith of all mortals, and many deserted the apparently indifferent Livana, flocking under the banner of Aldaron, Kailthis, Faelyn, and other more active ‘protectors.’


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