Sphere: Disaster, Destruction, Vengeance

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Gender: Male

Symbols: A lightning bolt, a yellow circlet

Color: Dark rusty-brown and yellow

Avatar: Jherad is generally depicted as a severe-looking youth, with a shock of black, grey or white hair streaming from his head. He is always depicted in motion, with arms flailing as he summons some form of natural disaster. The type of disaster depends on the region the image is created in. On the coast of Andune, he’s standing in front of the backdrop of a massive tidal wave, but further inland, he’s wreathed in white-hot fire. In the Haldarac desert, where Jherad is a very popular deity and many graven images of him are found, he’s usually depicted riding a massive sandstorm as if it were his personal steed.

Persona: Jherad seeks to destroy, as many evil gods do. But the distinction that has earned him the title of “The Destroyer” is the sheer magnitude of his apocalyptic ambitions. He does not hate only the good, as Maedhros does, or the living, as Gormion does. Jherad hates everything that exists in Eldanar, and seeks to wipe the cosmic slate clean. Everything man or elf has made, every scrap of nature and life, even the skies and the sea and the earth, and perhaps even the other gods are all enemies of Jherad.

Why he feels such an urge to destroy is uncertain. His followers seem to believe that he wants to destroy the world so he can recreate it as he sees fits. Those who oppose Jherad claim he has no aspirations for re-creation, and simply wants to drown out the sounds of existence, and spend eternity adrift in the resultant void. Others simply call him the Mad God, and see him less as a deity and more as a primal force of entropy, seeking to undo everything the other gods have done. Jherad, in short, is the embodiment of chaos.


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