phere: Death, the Unknown, and the Future

Alignment: True Neutral

Gender: Male

Symbols: A crow, a skull set in stone, an iron staff

Color: Gray and black

Avatar: Hirin is almost always depicted as a human. Perhaps this is because of his status as a ‘new’ god, mirroring humanity’s short lifespan and their status as a ‘young’ race. Or perhaps it is simply because his religion first blossomed as a cult on predominantly-human Tarsis. Either way, Hirin is generally shown to be a grim, judicial, pale and square-faced human figure, dressed in a voluminous gray robe and wearing little in the way of ornamentation. Graven images of Hirin are quite popular in the priesthood, probably because cold, coarse granite suits the Gatekeeper so very well.

Occasionally, Hirin is depicted as a more macabre skeletal figure in a hooded robe, though it is rare to see him in this form by any officially sanctioned icon of the priesthood. This is more a direct personification Death itself, and is generally only used by those who understand Hirin poorly or incompletely.

Persona: Hirin is cold and unswerving, like death itself. He is not in the least malicious, however, unlike his predecessor, Maehdros. Hirin is not interested in spreading death or inflicting it on mortal creatures. Instead, he is interested in preserving death as irreversible, final, and inevitable. When a mortal creature meets its doom, it is the solemn duty of Hirin and his priests to dispose of its corpse, bid farewell to its soul, and make certain that it never returns to Entar in any shape or form.

Hirin inhabits a plane known alternately as the Celestial Staircase, the Eternal Staircase, the Eternal Gate, the Infinite Staircase, the Gate of Death, or as any combination thereof. This plane is understood to be another state of existence, similar to the unknowable realms that the gods inhabit, or to the eternal darkness of the Abyss. Hirin guards this place, making sure mortal souls (never mortal bodies) pass through it, and that absolutely no one returns. It is presumed by magical scholars that the reason inter-dimensional travel is so difficult on Entar is because of Hirin; he strongly prefers that mortals be dead in order to achieve it.


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