Sphere: Corruption, Disease, Undeath.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

Gender: Male.

Symbols: A Black Vulture, a Cracked Skull, a Withering Rose.

Colours: Yellow Green, Olive, and Dark Slate Gray.

Avatar: There are several depictions of the Corrupter found across the lands of Entar, each with its own significance and relevance. Occasionally, Gormion is depicted as an ancient, Lich-like king, wearing an old rusty crown and dressed in ragged, yet sumptuous robes; skin pealing from his bony limbs and his skeletal face, and a pair of maddening green, ever-shining orbs looking down at the decaying world in front of them. He’s often shown standing in the middle of an endless field, usually filled with rotting corpses, if not a dead or withering forest, under a brown-clouded sky and an eclipsed solar disc. This is not the most common representation of ‘The Undying King’, as he is generally referred to by his Priests, who revere him as one. Most often he’s depicted by farmers and men of the countryside as a gloomy figure with barely any form at all, usually more like a cloud of corrupting mist that spreads over the crops, rotting the land and killing every plant that grows from it, and every creature that dares step on such tainted soil.

Persona: Gormion, the God of all things vile, putrid and foul. One too many times it has been said that his power comes close to rivalling that of Jherad, that Faelyn’s domain is the one that he covets the most, that Hirin’s reach over death he wishes to destroy, and that even Maedhros and his Infinite Darkness find him repugnant. There is no fouler entity amongst those who reign in the Divine than he whose power spreads like a plague that corrupts all things living; he whose twisting touch defiles even the purest of essences and turns sublime beauty into unfathomable madness. Some say that Gormion is as merciless as Jherad and that he seeks to bring decay to all living things much like the Destroyer wishes to annihilate all things that are; however, specially amongst the God’s secretive Priesthood, it is widely believed that the motivation behind his deeds is not as simple as that of the Bringer of Chaos, who seeks to destroy all things as it is within his very nature to do so, and on the contrary, it carries a far darker meaning.


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