Character Professions

This page includes a list of character professions allowed in this campaign. I’ve arranged them by social hierarchy in order to convey extra information.

Noble Professions Professions in the noble sphere are either very costly, or require vast amounts of specialized knowledge, and afford a great deal of respect, especially with educated folk. In rural areas, some of these professionals may find no influence at all with the local populace because their work is seen as useless or just not understood.

Trade Professions Professions in the Trade sphere are no less demanding, but are sometimes marginalized. Skilled workers of these professions have influence with the common man, but perhaps not the bourgeois.

Common Professions Professions in the common sphere are available to almost all of the citizens of Entar, and require very little training to undertake. However, particularly skilled workers may still find respect among their community, but simply having one of these professions is not noteworthy to many.

Lower Professions Professions of the lower sphere are either reviled because they are morally ambiguous or because they are undesirable for other reasons. Simply admitting that you have a profession from this list may get you thrown out of rich districts, and at the least, will get you rude looks at the local pub.

Character Professions

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