Sphere: Strength, Benevolence, Truth, Justice

Alignment: Lawful Good

Gender: Male

Symbols: A balanced white scale, a shield with a sword emblazoned on it

Colors: Pristine white and pale blue

Avatar: In religious artwork, Aldaron is usually depicted as a strong, unusually muscular high elven male. This is the legendary form he took during The Sundering to defend the elves of Loriath, and exemplifies his role as Defender of Entar. He is dressed in full platemail with long, flowing blond hair spilling out from beneath his helm. He wields a sword and shield, and glows with a glorious white aura of strength and righteousness. On his face he wears a stern, serious, yet somehow benevolent expression.

Persona: Aldaron is one of the most popular gods in Entar’s pantheon, known to bolster the strong and defend the weak. He is famous for his numerous clashes with Maedhros, his nemesis, and the eternal conflict between the God of Light and the God of Shadow has become a major fixture in Entar’s literature, religion and art.

Aldaron is primarily seen as a protective entity, defending his worshippers from the forces of darkness either passively (through his unseen, divine machinations) or actively, through his earthly representatives in the Priesthood of Aldaron. Aldaron is more than a defender of the light, however- he is also the destroyer of darkness, and his priesthood frequently engages in crusades designed to purge evil elements (monsters, undead creatures, criminal bands, and evil cults) from Entar.


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