Welcome to the repository for a lot of the information about the campaign and setting that I’ll be using. This campaign will be run using the ‘Pathfinder’ rule set with the setting that I provide, and some changes that I’ll make spontaneously along the way. Most basic questions can be answered here, except for ones about the rules.

I’m going to intentionally not write how to play the game, because of a few reasons. For one, it takes a huge amount of time to write out in a way that will make sense. Also, there’s a lot of material that might never be relevant while we’re playing. Lastly, if I keep you in the dark about some of the rules, it will help make things easier to change, and retain a layer of mystery over what I can do as a DM.

Please refer to my blog Stroll in the Dungeon for some of my discussions about what a role playing game is and what it involves, if you like.

Below you can find a link to the rest of the wiki. Please note that this site is under construction for now, and some links might be moved, and I’ll update information as I need to.

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